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    I wonder whose arms I would run and fall into, if I was drunk in a room with every person I have ever loved.


    just wow….

    The real question is who in that room would still catch you.

    woah. this was already intense, but that last comment hit hard.

    After high school you realize you were only friends with some people because you saw them five times a week.

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    IMAGINE THAT DAY, when you can finally say, “I did it!”; When you can say, “I never gave up, I never quit!” Imagine that day when you win that gold medal, or reach your goal weight. Where these moments of pain turn into memories for that goal you wanted to obtain. It might take long to reach that moment, but as soon as you get there, you’ll thank yourself for THE REST OF YOUR LIFE.
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    have you ever had a dream that was so vivid it stuck with you in the back of your mind for years?

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